Teaching and Learning

Our students experience a completely new type of education. They participate in masterclasses, workshops, work placements and project work, and gain the core skills needed to succeed in the future – including leadership, communication, management, entrepreneurial, analytical, and problem solving skills – all highly sought by employers.

Local and national employers are crying out for new recruits who have these transferable skills, which is why we believe it is just as important to teach our students ‘real world’ life skills alongside our academic and technical curriculum.

Our Approach

By studying at Fowey River Academy, every student will receive an individual learning plan based on our assessment of their strengths, weaknesses and competencies, and will receive the guidance and support needed to reach their potential. Every single student is at the centre of our teaching and learning approach and we are committed to giving them our complete focus and attention. This means treating every student as an individual and with respect, recognising that they have a unique set of gifts that it is our privilege to nurture – this is rooted in our values of ‘Learn, Grow, Prosper’.

We are committed to developing a strong skills-based approach which builds on the foundations of the early years curriculum to offer specialised learning and skills pathways to see students through their entire education.

Education so far should have provided students with their core competencies, in areas such as maths and English, and students should also have a sense of personal and social worth. We make sure students have these base skills and knowledge and then we support them in expanding their aspirations by explaining the options and pathways that can be made available.

Learning and Skills Programme

We are very excited to announce the launch of our Learning and Skills Programme which will be embedded across our curriculum from September 2015 onward.

The programme is built around a set of personal pathways for each individual that change and grow alongside each student.

Our pathways include: Enterprise; and Higher Academic, with more due to be introduced from next September, and we work with local and national employers and university partners to ensure that the subjects delivered are appropriate and challenging and meet local, national and international skills needs.

Project-Based Learning

Developing ‘real world’ skills is at the heart of our teaching and learning approach but in order for students to understand why we need such skills in our everyday lives we must create scenarios for them to put these skills into practice; we use project-based learning to achieve this. Project-based learning is an effective and enjoyable way to learn and allows our students to develop deeper learning competencies to improve their potential for the future.