In Years 10 and 11 students will be working towards GCSEs across a range of subjects. It is a busy time, and one in which teachers will offer as much support as they can. However, the ultimate success is down to the individual student – to their commitment, consistent performance, looking after themselves (never underestimate the importance of good nutrition and sleep), and preparing well.

Miss Wherry is the Examinations Officer (based opposite the staff room if you have questions) and she has compiled useful information for students and parents on key dates.

See below for the links

Student support

These are your two key documents going forward:

1. Your revision tips booklet

2. Your revision planner 

Students may also find the below useful to see:

Parent information

When your child takes GCSEs, it’s always helpful if you are as informed as possible on the complex rules and regulations which surround these examinations.The Exam Preparation page for students is here, and this contains the information students will need to know. We will also be updating the revision tools available to students here over the next few months.

Parent & Student – exam information letter document

If you need to amend your child’s name on exam certificates, please use these forms:

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