We strongly believe that school uniform gives our students a sense of identity and of belonging to the academy. It helps to ensure that no student feels disadvantaged in terms of appearance, removes the need to keep up with constantly changing and expensive fashion trends, and instils a sense of pride.

When we became an academy on 1st June 2014, we changed our name. This needs to be reflected in the school uniform and therefore changes will be implemented slowly. The only change is the blazer, due to the logo, and the PE kit, again due to the logo.

New Year 7s wear the new school uniform, with the new Fowey River Academy logo embroidered on the pocket. The rest of the school will have a year to change to new school uniform, allowing for the fact that students will likely grow out of their current blazer. This means the new blazer should be worn by everyone at school from September 2015. All school uniform is available from Cornwall Screen Print & Embroidery and the PE kit is available from A Game Sports.

We are aware that this is a change some parents and carers may wish to discuss, so if you have any questions, please contact the school on the usual number 01726 833484.

Ordering Your Uniform

All students must have the following items from our uniform supplier, Cornwall Screen Print & Embroidery. These can be purchased online at www.cornwallscreenprint.com

PE Kits can be ordered through Agame Sports

  • Black school blazer*
  • House tie*
  • Black tank top style jumper (optional)*
  • Black V-neck long sleeved jumper (optional)*
  • Black skirt (optional)* or black trousers. (The only skirt that will be acceptable school uniform will be the version supplied by Cornwall Screen Print)
  • Plain white cotton shirt
  • Plain black full length trousers (not drainpipe style or jeans/jeans-style trousers of any description or in any fabric)
  • Plain black belt
  • Plain black or natural tights
  • Plain black socks
  • Plain black, sensible, low-heeled shoes of leather appearance (no trainers, shoes with logos, sandals, open toes/heels, high heels or boots)

*only available from our uniform supplier Cornwall Screen Print & Embroidery

PE kit: Compulsory

  • Rugby shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black socks

  • T-shirt
  • Black skirt or black shorts
  • Black socks

  • Fleece (boys/girls)
  • Base layer (boys/girls)
  • Rain jacket (boys/girls)
  • T-shirt (boys)

No jewellery is to be worn in PE lessons. If a student is unable to participate in PE, he/she should still bring PE kit as students will still be expected to take a non-active role within the lesson.

Personal appearance
  • Jewellery – one watch and one small discreet ring. No sovereign rings, bracelets or necklaces
  • Earrings – only one pair of studs, sleepers or small earrings are allowed in the earlobe – one earring per ear
  • Piercings – the school does not allow any facial or tongue piercings; this includes nose-studs
  • Make-up – discreet make- up is permitted in school and discretion is left with the Head of Year and Senior Leadership Team
  • Hairstyles – patterned or brightly coloured hair is not permitted in school. Hair should be of natural appearance in colour, with no tramlines or extreme hairstyles

We understand that it is not always possible for students to wear the full, correct uniform. Please contact your child’s form tutor to discuss any problems which you may have. If students come to school without the correct uniform, the school will provide temporary uniform and contact parents if necessary so that students remain in classes as much as possible. Temporary uniform can include plimsolls, ties and PE kit.

If any student refuses to wear the correct uniform, this may be dealt with as a disciplinary matter.