Truro Fencing Club coaches Fowey students


Fencing at Fowey
On guard!

Fowey Community College students from Years 8-11 experienced their first taste of fencing this week with a visit from Truro Fencing Club. In an activity day hosted by the Fowey PE Faculty, Great Britain fencer Fraser Ward passed on his skills to students. After getting kitted up in two protective layers, including a protective jacket, mask and glove, students worked in pairs lunging and defending. There are three kinds of equipment used in fencing: the foil, épée and sabre.  Truro Fencing Club is sending three athletes to the Olympic Games. Mr Ward said: “Cornwall is very successful in fencing but it remains a minority sport. Truro Fencing Club is working hard to reach out to schools across the county. I have been impressed by the diligence and talent shown in the students’ sabre-fencing here at Fowey.” PE teacher Sam Smith, who is responsible for coordinating FCC’s curriculum enrichment, said: “We are really keen to develop a range of activities to develop the fitness, skills and interest of our students. We’re delighted that Fraser is able to join us today for a taster session and going on interest levels so far from the students today, we really hope to offer this as one of our extra-curricular activities next term.” Year 9 student Philippa said: “It was really nice to try something new and I enjoyed learning how to lunge and use the sabre. Mr Ward showed us how to use it properly.”