The gift of recycling

The latest green idea from our Recycling Coordinator, Mrs Lory, has some real bite to it. Or should that be ‘crunch’?
To mark Waste Less, Live More Week which takes place between 17th and 23rd September 2012, Mrs Lory is creating upcycled bags made from empty plastic crisp packets and Snackajack bags.
“Inside the bags, we will put a card about generating less waste and we will ask that the recipient reuses the bag and adds a message before passing it on,” says Mrs Lory. “When the card is full or the bag is unusable, the last owner sends it back to us at Fowey Community College so that we can see how far ‘litter’ has travelled and how it has been used.”
We would be grateful for your crisp packets to enable our students to start getting creative.
Mrs Lory is based in the Robin Read Learning Centre.