Year 7 rugby training

Mr Horton’s Year 7 rugby class spent this morning improving their tackling technique. After a warm-up in the slightly chilly conditions, the boys worked in teams to develop coordination and speed in retrieving, then passing, the ball.

Mr Horton said: “I am really impressed with the way the boys have made the transition from tag rugby to the contact game. Last night we had twenty Year 7s at rugby training and I would like to see even more next week in preparation for our next match.”

Year 7 student, Sam, wrote the following match report on the recent Fowey Community College vs Penrice game:

Penrice v Fowey Match Report

For the first match of the season, Fowey Community College travelled to Penrice. The Year 7 team is a brand new team, with some players who know rugby well and some who have never played before. The game started with an away team kick-off. We gained control of the ball, but then lost the ball, which gave Penrice control. They then managed three tries before Fowey scored.  Penrice then scored again, followed by a Fowey try for Tom. More training will make the new Year 7 team very strong. Final score: Penrice 6, Fowey 2. Thank you to all the players.

If, like Sam, you would like to become a Sports Reporter for the school website, see Mr Hayward in the PE Office or Miss Key in top corridor.