Compost for micro-allotments

We were delighted to take delivery of 2.5 tonnes of top quality 10mm compost on 25th September following our request for topsoil in the local press. Between the showers, Year 10 students Carys and Oli joined Neil from TT Compost and our groundsman, Jerry, to unload the trailer.

We would like to thank TT Compost for the generous donation to our new micro-allotment project. Neil was able to provide some detail on the process for creating quality compost and why, ideally, it needs to be a large-scale operation. (Our small piles of wood chips have a long way to go.)

Rachael Lake from TT Compost says: “TT Compost Ltd is delighted to supply organic Cornish Compost to the students, supporting their exciting initiative to produce home grown fruit and vegetable from the school’s allotments. We wish them every success in the planting, growing and harvesting of their produce.”

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