Movie bookends

Mr Watkins’ Year 8  DT class have created movie-themed bookends from wood in a practical assessment. Working over several weeks, the students used a range of equipment including the laser-cutter and a tenor saw.

Arlo, 12, says: “My favourite part was seeing the laser cutter create the overlays.”

Mr Watkins says: “In DT Resistant Materials we have four groups of students working on this project at the moment, two with Mr Gosling and two with myself. I can say that I have never come across a group of students that have shown so much attention to detail, wanting to make sure it was the best they could achieve, with some wanting to make a second DVD end because the first was not up to their high standard.”

The students applied the finishing touches to their work in today’s lesson with an optional wood stain; Olympic-themed Union Jack flags were popular.