Year 7 teambuilding trips

Year 7 Fowey Community College students are taking part in a series of teambuilding days across a range of water sports at Elemental UK in Falmouth.In a brand new series of days out, each Year 7 tutor group learns coasteering, canoeing and caving with Elemental UK’s qualified instructors. The first group of 19 students took part with Ms Rushbury on 14th September with some impressive results.

Teambuilding sometimes takes effort

Daniel, 11, says: “The most exciting thing about the trip was the coasteering and traversing; it really takes my breath away every time I do it.” Lauren, 11, says: “We did a deep water entry and then finally came to the biggest jump. I jumped off and for about half a second I felt like I was flying then I hit the water and it felt great,” adding, “I had a fantastic trip.”

Headteacher John Perry says: “I believe it is important at the start of their secondary school education that our students get to know each other and are able to work together in as many situations as possible.”