Arts Award certificates

Mr Yelland, Head of Year 10, presented 29 Year 10 students with their Bronze Arts Award Leader certificates on 1st October in a group assembly.

Fowey Community College has been running the Arts Award Leader programme since January 2012. The Award is an extra-curricular activity which enables our students to develop a range of complementary skills in Arts disciplines.

The Expressive Arts faculty splits the Award into three specialisms: Music led by Miss Giles, Drama led by Miss Hall, and Art led by Mrs Bray. Classes take place on Thursdays after school for an hour; students are also expected to undertake at least an hour of study under their own steam every week.

Mrs Bray comments: “The moderator visited on Tuesday 10th July and was very impressed with the standard of the work. This is the first time we have run the Award and it has been extremely successful.”

She adds: “A handful of Bronze Award students will go on and do their Silver Award in conjunction with the next set of Bronze students.”

Students have so far been introduced to painting with iPads in Art, and have attended a trip to see Stomp at the Hall for Cornwall (see September newsletter article here). Our three Silver award students are developing leadership workshops which they will deliver to the Bronze students..”

More information on Arts Award can be found here