WWI trench models

Mr Bayes and his Flexi Thursday model-making group are developing a series of WWI trench models using upcycled products supplied by Mrs Lory’s Upcycle Station at the school. The model-making class of mixed year group students have learnt about the history of trench warfare and life on the front line for soldiers who fought in The Great War.

“The models are excellent and it shows what you can do with some old items no-one needs, some imagination and a bit of determination,” said Mr Bayes.

Mr Bayes has integrated model-making into the teaching of History at Fowey as it stretches his students’ imagination, developing strong learning and research skills.

“The most interesting thing that I learnt about the trenches was that soldiers had to find ways to hide food so that rats didn’t get it, but the rats soon learnt how to,” said student Aidan.

This activity has been further enhanced by the school’s History Club members, who have been researching those who fought and died in WW1 whose names are recorded on the local War Memorial. The club has ‘adopted’ these people and will remember them on Remembrance Sunday Memorial Service in Fowey, when a poppy will be left for each adopted member of the armed services.

Finally, in November, Year 9 students will be research, plan and build Holocaust Memorial models for homework in preparation for Holocaust Memorial Day on 27th January.

Photo shows, left to right: Mr Bayes with Megan, Aidan, Henry and Aaron