Earthquake-proof building design

Year 9 Geography students were briefed to design an earthquake-proof building for the fictional Mr Tanaka on 25th October.

Geography teacher Miss Richardson says: “Mr Tanaka’s building was destroyed in the 2011 earthquake, killing three members of his workforce. Students were asked to design a building to withstand an earthquake, ensuring this never happens again. This forms part of their Tectonic scheme of learning.”

The students worked in groups during the lesson, presenting a range of ideas created on paper, Powerpoint and in model form to classmates.

Thai, 13, said: “We designed our building in a strong trapezium shape, with steel triangles to reinforce the brick work. We think that this design would be able to resist earthquakes in the future.“

Janey, 13, said: “We designed it in a triangle shape, because it is strong and less likely to bend. We have also put springs at the base so that the building will move with the earthquake.”

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