Malaysian students visit Fowey

By Sol, and Abbie, Year 8

On Tuesday 4th December our class was visited by three Muslim students studying in Plymouth, but from Malaysia. They came to enlighten us on the Islam religion and told us about the five pillars in Mrs Stuart’s lesson.

The Islamic festival, Ramadan, is the most important date in the Islamic calendar and every Muslim is required to perform it every year. It involves fasting from dawn until dusk. Muslims do this because Allah, the Islamic God, has commanded them to do so. After a month of fasting, they celebrate by worshipping in the morning and inviting unusual guests over for a feast.

Abbie adds: My favourite part part of the lesson was when the students told us about praying and did a display of their preparations before talking with Allah.

Another highlight was when we talked about food; one guest student ate insects because it is a traditional meal in North Malaysia, whereas the other students ate the normal Islamic foods. It was very interesting to compare how different people are even though they share the same religion.

Fowey Community College would like to thank our five students: Fariha Amalina Binti Zoolkafli, Mohd Afham Faiz Bin Mohd Jali, Nurul Ain Binti Mohamed Fauzie, Puvana Gnanasagaran and Ummi Nadzirah Binti Zainol, for the time they have spent with us over this term in a variety of lessons.