Rugby roundup

Fowey Community College played some excellent home rugby games against Bodmin on 5th December, fielding our Year 7, Year 8 and Year 10  teams.

The weather was fine and the ground held up well. We saw a good performance across all games, with fluid attacking and fierce tackling, ensuring all matches were contested to the very end. 

PE teacher Mr Horton said: “Fowey students demonstrated real control of the game and great composure in the key areas of attack and defence. It was great to see so many students representing Fowey as part of each year group’s rugby squad and I would like to thank all students for their commitment and hard work during this rugby season. It has paid dividends with such outstanding results to cap off a great season before we move onto football in the New Year.”   

A big thank you to the visiting teams from Bodmin. The final results were:

Year 7: Fowey 54, Bodmin 5; Year 8: Fowey 47, Bodmin 5; Year 10: Fowey 15, Bodmin 0.