Three Days of Sound

You can’t have failed to notice the music booming from the hall in the last week of term as a result of Three Days of Sound, a disco event organised by Owen and Jack in Year 10.

Owen is a DJ in his spare time outside of school, and also teaches fellow students techniques with disco lighting, while Jack plays guitar in the school band.

Jack says: “We did a lot of work to promote the event and launched a Facebook page, which people can like and we’ve relied on word of mouth to get the news out about the event.  We would like to make £1000 for the Year 10 Ball Committee as if we make money, it reduces the cost of tickets for everyone. It’s a really nice thing to do as an end-of-term event.”

Miss Giles, Head of Expressive Arts, says: “These two students are a real credit to the school. They have not only organised the whole event, but also used all of their own equipment.”