United Nations debate

Year 11 Religious Education students became ambassadors on 31st January, taking part in a Mock United Nations debate. Students were allocated a country and had were required to argue the case for capital punishment while forming alliances with undecided nations.

The United Nations remains key in resolving conflict and generating dialogue between counties many years after it was established. 

James Wilkinson commented: “I found this debate very enjoyable and thought-provoking. It was interesting to learn about the structure of The UN as well as each country’s stance on the death penalty, and some new information like how killing a panda is punishable by death in China.”

RE Teacher, Mr Underwood, said:  “I am delighted with how the students got involved in the activity; they made some extremely intelligent points and represented their nations points of view very well.” He added: “Students worked together well, even if there were a few unlikely alliances and international incidents.” 

Year 11 students engage in debate between nations











Compromises are reached and incidents averted