Year 8 & 9 netball wins

On 30th January our Year 8 and Year 9 netball teams took part in a tournament at Brannel School with teams from Brannel, Penrice and The Roseland.

The Fowey girls are dedicated to their sport, training regularly at lunchtimes, and it showed in their performances. “It was fantastic play by all and a great effort by Year 8s, who were outside battling against wind and cold conditions with fantastic team spirit,” said PE teacher, Miss Dennes.

She added: “Our Year 9s engaged in a fast-paced, highly technical game, and every single member of staff at the competition commented on the high standard of netball, comparing it to Year 11 games.”

The final scores were as follows:

Year 8s

Fowey v Brannel 10-0 

Fowey v Penrice 8-2 

Fowey v Roseland 9-1 

Year 9s

Fowey v Brannel 8-17 

Fowey  v Penrice 16-10 

Our successful Year 8 netball team

Our successful Year 8 netball team