A close shave

Our Year 11 boys were treated to a lesson on how to achieve the perfect shave with the team from Devon-based men’s grooming brand The Bluebeards Revenge this week.

The Bluebeards Revenge team pulled out all the stops for the Charm School lesson demo, accompanied by Lostwithiel-based barber, Dean Wheeler from The Barber Shop, whose expertise has secured him the role of Bluebeards’ partner in promoting a clean shave.

Nick Gibbens, Bluebeards’ marketing director, planned the 100-minute lesson with advice from Miss Munro, and delivered an information-packed session with activities for the 30 students and a Q&A session. The boys received samples of products to try at home and a Blubeards Shaving Tips manual.

The boys pitted their newfound shaving techniques against a series of lathered-up balloons. Amazingly, only one popped.

“Shaving is one of those things which every man does, but not always correctly,” says Nick. “If you look around in everyday life, you will see numerous cases of shaving rash, which could all have been avoided by shaving correctly in the direction of the hair and using products which help alleviate the problem.”

Nick is kindly offering friends and families of Fowey students a 20% discount code for those interested in Bluebeards Revenge products. Visit The Bluebeards Shop and enter FOWEY20.