Ofsted Report

By Mr Perry, Headteacher

Two months ago we had a full Ofsted Inspection and the report has just been published.

We have been graded as a 4, and within that grade we are judged to be Serious Weaknesses. I know this will be a shock to all of you, and I will now explain how Ofsted reached its conclusion and what it means both for your son/daughter and for the future of Fowey Community College.

When Ofsted inspects a school it takes into account two things: examination results data and the qualitative research from the inspectors’ assessment of teaching, student behaviour and the learning environment. The two sets of findings paint a picture of how a school is performing. The grading we received was based largely on last year’s GCSE results, which have been subject to judicial review and universally accepted to be unfair.

The full Ofsted Report is extremely positive about the work we are doing, and reflects the vibrant and happy school environment the inspectors witnessed in January.

The inspectors have stressed that they have confidence in the leadership of the school and the actions which have been taken over the last few years to ensure your child is safe, happy and reaches his/her potential. Ofsted’s summary of the school’s strengths is as follows:

  • Things the school has done to improve have been successful
  • Teaching is improving and students who need extra help are supported better
  • Behaviour has improved substantially
  • Students feel safe and trust staff

Nevertheless, we fully accept that there are areas where we need to improve and we will now work closely with Her Majesty’s Inspectors to ensure that we continue to move forward as a successful school community. I am looking forward to the next few months to clearly demonstrate how successful Fowey Community College is, and I have full confidence in the standard of our teaching, as well as the care and support for our students.

I am sure we can count on your continued support as we move forward. I invite you to read the Oftsed Report in full here. If you have any further questions, please contact me via my PA, Mrs Found, on 01726 833484 ext 290.