Cornish Pirates

We were delighted to be joined by five Cornish Pirates rugby players on 25th April for a Year 7 mixed PE lesson and a meeting with our student Sports Council.

Aaron Penberthy, Paul Andrew, Darren Barry, Kyle Marriott and Tom Kessell took a lesson in the Sports Hall, working with Mr Horton and Mr Grigg on passing and tackling techniques.

The five players then discussed their training, nutrition and fitness regime with our Year 9 and Year 10 girls and boys (over some coffee and carbohydrate-rich biscuits), many of whom plan to attend university with a view to pursuing a career in sport.

“You should definitely have a back-up plan,” said Darren, who plays lock. “When you’re young you can think you’re the next big thing, but people catch up or you can sustain an injury. You can get a Degree and play rugby – you can balance both and achieve.”

Kyle, who plays back row, added: “Many universities are a great sporting environment where you can develop and improve. I didn’t start playing professional rugby until my third year of university. There are many routes into professional sport.”

Following a career as a professional in sport, there are also opportunities to develop new skills in management, merchandising, nutrition or marketing.

“We’re really enjoying working with schools,” said Aaron. “In the past we have gone as far as Truro as we are based in Penzance but now we’re moving further across Cornwall, and next year we will appoint a full-time community manager.”

The players finished their session with a Q&A in Mrs Stonehouse’s GCSE PE class. Many thanks to the players for coming in and sharing their tips and stories.

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