Restormel Castle trip

By Liam, Year 7, BBC School Reporter

On 24th June, Mr Bayes’s Year 7 students went to Restormel Castle on an activities trip as a reward for working hard in History. The other purpose of the trip was to develop interesting activities for the incoming Year 7s to do in History next year.

One of the activities we did was to be a historical estate agent and name the parts of the castle. Also we came up with our own ideas for the Year 7s on what would be both fun and educational. One of these was for them to do a role play in the castle, or go down into the moat to measure the geometry.

We then talked about what would be the best way to attack the castle and what the purpose of the castle is, exploring its features.

We visited the gift shop on the way back to the minibus to buy ice creams.