App ideas

Year 9 students from Fowey Community College are using their knowledge of mobile technology to create App concepts with Newquay-based development company Buzz Interactive.

As part of a school IT project, the students were required to research the market and develop their own Apps for iPhones, iPads or Android phones. Jasmine, 13, says: “We got to create our own design and produce something that is relevant to real life. We also had free rein with our ideas.”

The results were so good that Mrs Fletcher got in touch with Buzz and sent the best ideas to Lindsey Axten, Project Director for review. Sophie, 13, says: “I am a perfectionist so knowing that a real design company was looking at the idea created a bit of pressure.”

Buzz’s Lindsey provided constructive written feedback for every student on their proposals, covering the design, content, features and proposed retail value of each App.  She says: “I was really impressed, not only by the students’ ideas for their apps, but also by their language and obvious grasp of what apps can be used for.

“Hopefully some of these students will be the app designers and programmers, and project managers, of the future.”