Olympic star

We were delighted to welcome back former student and Olympic swimming medallist Cassandra Patten on 18th July. Cassie attended Fowey from Year 7 to Year 9 and has fond memories of her time at the school.

Cassie, 26, won a Bronze in 10 km Open Water swimming in the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and is also the winner of two world silver medals. Due to a shoulder injury, she couldn’t compete in London 2012. She is now working towards becoming a sports model with a rigorous training regime and clean eating.

Making the most of the weather, Cassie began the day coaching Year 9 students in basketball and developing their teamwork skills. Students also had the opportunity to see Cassie’s Olympic medal.

Cassie then met with Year 8 student, Jay Down, who swims competitively with the club at Bodmin where Cassie began her Olympic and World career. Jay and Cassie discussed the potential for swimming at a national and international level.

Cassie and Jay

Next up were a series of Q&A sessions with Year 10 GCSE PE students, with students keen to know how Cassie used to deal with the cold water in her outdoor swims. Her tip was to use earplugs as it stops cold water going into the inner ear and bringing the core body temperature down. Finally Cassie presented the Cornwall School Games 2013 winners with their medals (main pic).

Cassie had a strong message for the students based on her achievements: “I love pushing myself really hard, being the best I can and pushing barriers,” says Cassie. “Being successful has nothing to do with geography and where you are from. Anyone can achieve what they want in life, but everyone will have to work hard for it. You will also fail sometimes, but that is part of it.”