You might have noticed the national BBC coverage today on cyberbullying.

Mr Perry was invited to discuss the issue with Laurence Reed on BBC Radio Cornwall at 14:00 on 8th January.

Statistics show that there were 4,507 calls to Childline in 2012-13, significantly up on the previous year.

Here at Fowey, we take any reports of bullying very seriously, and this includes cyberbullying. We’re proud that we are a friendly school, and that our students look after each other, so you will see that we have clear policies relating to bullying on the school website.

If you experience any kind of bullying as a student, you should see your tutor as the first port of call. You’re also welcome to chat to any member of staff with whom you feel comfortable discussing the matter. It’s the role of staff to ensure every student is supported.

Students should also be aware that anything you post on social media remains there. This means that in a few years when you’re applying for college or jobs, a quick search will reveal all this historical information. Think very carefully before you post online.

Parents can also need extra help understanding this issue. The NSPCC has some excellent resources for parents and carers, click here.

If you would like to chat to staff about this issue, please contact your child’s tutor. Our Safeguarding Officers are Mr Perry, Mrs Stuart and Mr Smith.