Camps International 2015

Year 10 students welcomed Louise Allen, Southwest Outreach Coordinator for Camps International on Thursday 30th January.

As part of our International Programme, since 2012 FCC has been working with Camps International to send Year 11 students on a month-long summer community placement in Borneo or Cambodia.

Students are required to fund-raise approximately £3,400 for their trip for the preceding 18 months, which both groups have managed to do very successfully in 2013 and 2014. (In 2015 year the flights costs are lower so the fundraising total is also lower than the usual £4,000.)

Camps International 2014 students running Christmas Concert refreshments, raising £314.00

Camps International 2014 students running Christmas Concert refreshments, raising £314.00

This is the opportunity of a lifetime to live in a local community and undertake work which mainly benefits the children. There are also opportunities to take a 5-day jungle trek, explore the history of the area and socialise with your team over dinner at local eateries.

Students will live and work with their peers who come from all over the UK. A Fowey teacher will travel with you and spend the month in the camp too. In 2013 this was Mr Law and in 2014 it will be Miss Munro, who has already visited the location to meet the team and establish connections.

The local school

The local school has 600 pupils and urgently needs books; there are just three classrooms, so the children go to school for just a morning or an afternoon. Miss Munro is fundraising separately for some Maths books, which are urgently needed, and which she will take with her in July-August 2014.

You will be helping with construction, gardening (growing rice) and cooking. It’s all about using your time to help the community.

NB: You will need a series of vaccinations before visiting Cambodia.

Come along to the information evening to find out more or see Miss Munro.