Cambridge challenge

A group of Year 10 Gifted & Talented students visited Cambridge on Thursday 6th February and Friday 7th February for a trip which combined culture and fun.

Thursday night was spent watching a performance of George Orwell’s classic, Nineteen Eighty-Four, the book whose much quoted line “Big Brother is Watching You” has become the basis for TV reality shows all over the world.

On Friday, the students visited Emmanuel College for a challenge day with students from other UK schools.

Students answered general knowledge questions about the city and attended a lecture from a Statistician.

Students attend a lecture from a top Statictician

Students attend a lecture from a top Statictician

Emily in 10CB says: “The Cambridge ambassadors – they’re called ‘Cambassadors’ – are students who talked to us about their daily life at the university, food, and what it’s like there. We saw the student rooms.”

She adds: “I thought Cambridge University was for wealthy, posh people; I found out that a lot of normal people go there – but they’re all really smart.”

The world famous Emmanuel College Chapel

The world famous Emmanuel College Chapel


Some extra College residents

Some additional college residents

The main photo shows the entrance to Emmanuel College Cambridge.
Thank you to BBC school reporter Emily for taking notes on the day and the accompanying photos.