Celebrating Cornwall

Every year on 5th March, Cornish people all over the world celebrate St Piran’s Day.

We already have Cornish door signs, and the Cornish language is undergoing something of a revival in the 21st century.

We also incorporate aspects of our identity into many of the lessons we undertake as part of the curriculum.

What does Cornwall mean to you? When you think of Cornish culture, what springs to mind? Do you know of any influential Cornish people doing interesting things in the wider world? Come prepared next week.

Photo shows our students and teachers wearing their Cornish colours.

What’s Cornish?

The pasty

Clotted cream

Our anthem, Trelawny

A history of smuggling (see Tony Robinson’s excellent episode of Walking Through History on Channel 4 iPlayer)

Talented inventors and scientists (including Couch Adams who discovered Neptune and Trevithick, who built the first steam locomotive)

Fishing (we still have the Falmouth Oyster Festival and Newlyn Fish Festival)

Tin mining – the Cornish were pioneers and their techniques and knowledge spread to the rest of the world. We also have a China Clay industry.

Our Cornish language

The Cornish Chough

Saffron cake