Adventure Learning

5th June 2014

On 5th June we welcomed Professor David Hopkins, Executive Director of the charity Adventure Learning Schools, and Education Director for multi-academy trust, Bright Tribe.

Professor Hopkins is the author of 40 books on education and has served three Secretaries of State as Chief Adviser on School Standards and Director of the Standards and Effectiveness Unit.

We are fortunate that David will be working with us in our new identity as an Adventure Learning Academy Trust (ALAT) school.

Professor Hopkins presented his vision for our future to the whole school and he is keen to hear student ideas on how the school can be improved.

So chat to your tutor with your list, and your teachers and Mr Perry will feed these back to ALAT.

The Student Council will be instrumental in discussing the merit of, and making, any changes. Your representatives are in the photo on the noticeboard on the way to the canteen, so chat to these students if you have ideas too.

This is our school, and we collectively want it to be the best it can be for everyone who studies and works here.