TeenTech Awards

The TeenTech Awards are for UK students from 11-16 (Years 7 to 11) working in teams of up to three to look at problems large and small to see if they can find a better way of doing things.

Here at Fowey we currently have 7 students taking part. Each group has just over four weeks to finish their entry. They have to complete an innovation log explaining why their product is innovative, what companies they have used as mentors, the members of their teams, people within school who have helped, how they have researched for their products, a design and a reason for it.

So far the students have emailed mentors from different local, national and global companies, including scientists at Falmouth University, Virgin, and the Institute for Food Technology.

The products are:


A robotic bee to help artificially pollinate crops more naturally

Soltec Systems

A portable solar powered water purifier station for Third World countries


A dissolvable screw for use in the surgical and medical field

Good luck to all teams!