Latest Sports Hub Update

Since our last announcement on 11th May we (ALAT) and the staff of the Sports Hub have been working collectively towards the reopening of the Hub.

Following the review of the facility it was highlighted that there were safeguarding issues associated with members of the public using the centre during school hours. In accordance with Section 157 and 175 of the Education Act 2002 we have a duty to have in place arrangements that reflect the importance of safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. This does not just apply to Fowey River Academy but all education settings throughout the UK.

To be compliant with the above act we will be installing a fob style entry system to the Hub which means the entry and exit of members can be monitored and managed appropriately. Until this system is installed the Hub will remain closed.

Although we fully appreciate that the Sport Hub is a facility used by the public, our first priority from both a safety and financial point of view, must always be the Academy. Fowey River Academy cannot in any way financially subsidise the Sports Hub, and the Hub must be run as an independent business at least covering all of its own costs, which hasn’t always been the case in the past.

Once reopened, you can expect an improving level of service from the Hub’s qualified health and fitness team who will be on hand to help with any questions, whether it’s regarding the gym or nutritional advice. The Hub will continue to offer a range of activities for all the family, along with a variety of membership packages to enable you to make the most of your fitness time. New classes may be added, including Studio Cycling, Bootcamp and HIIT depending on take up.

The new opening times are yet to be finalised but we can confirm that the Hub will be open to the community and members seven days a week. The new opening times will reflect our safeguarding responsibilities for Fowey River Academy as well as appropriate staff working hours and shift patterns following consultation with all Hub staff.

We fully appreciate that the closure of the Sports Hub has been an inconvenience for members and caused frustration, however we would like to thank members for their continued patience during this time.

In an effort to improve communication and clarity we will endeavour to send out updates and further news to each member personally, providing the Hub has your home details – you can check with Hub staff that your contact details are up to date if you wish to be included in these updates. We will also post updates to the Fowey River Academy website.

Yours sincerely

Kathy Kirkham

Chief Operating Officer

Adventure Learning Academy Trust