Meet your new Senior Leadership Team

Even though the students aren’t in until next Monday, the Academy was alive with the sound of teachers, support staff and Adventure Learning Academy Trust (ALAT) as they attend the first training day of the new academic year.

Today was a chance for all staff to meet the new Senior Leadership Team. The six-strong team is made up of some familiar faces as well as some new. Mr Hayward, Mrs Perry, Mr Smith and Mrs Fitzsimmons will be working alongside Mrs Davey and Mr Dale both from Mounts Bay Academy. This is a fantastic opportunity for the Academy, and the atmosphere this morning was certainly a buzzing one.

One of the tasks set out by Mrs Davy was for everyone in the room to write down on a sticky note one thing that made Fowey River Academy stand out from the rest. Within minutes, an entire wall of the canteen was covered with notes full of positives from friendly staff to beautiful location to simply – “OUR STUDENTS ARE GREAT!”

So, it is with great excitement that everyone at the Academy is looking forward to Monday and greeting students old and new through the door, what a year lies ahead!