A letter from Mrs Davey

8th September 2015

Dear Parent or Carer,

It is with great pleasure that I will be working at Fowey River Academy in the role of Executive Principal from 1st September 2015.

In the short time I have spent in the Academy I have been extremely impressed by the caring, professional staff, the delightful and polite students and the welcome I have received from the Governors and parents who have visited since the start of term.  I am also looking forward to making a positive difference to the quality of teaching and learning on a daily basis by focusing on consistency in all policies and school rules as well as building further on the strong sense of team that exists amongst the staff and students.

I am joined in this work by Mr Martin Dale who will be the full-time Principal until a new person is appointed and together we are determined to ensure students are always safe, secure and happy in school so they can learn effectively.  With this in mind,we have clarified and introduced guidelines for positive conduct from day one.  Our experience of behaviour and safety has received national recognition by Challenge Partners as an area of expertise.  We have both worked for over 12 years to create an outstanding environment for learning and student care at our Academy in Penzance called Mounts Bay (see mountsbay.org or Ofsted’s website).

We will be bringing this experience and sharing practical policies that have worked effectively in a similar Cornish setting.  However, we of course realise that Fowey River Academy has its own unique ethos and atmosphere and we will be ensuring the excellent relationships that exist between staff and students is only enhanced by any changes made.

The first and biggest change that has been made is the introduction of a new day. Lessons are now 75 minutes rather than 100 minutes.  Staff and students have commented positively on the increased pace of learning and improved behaviour as students stay with high levels of concentration throughout the lesson.

In addition, we have also introduced 2 breaks and divided the Café use into upper and lower school sessions.  This allows all students to sit down comfortably at a table using a plate to eat their food; we have insisted that food is not taken outside.  This does two things – it reduces litter to virtually zero and stops seagull’s anti-social behaviour. Sitting outside on the benches or playing football no longer becomes a health hazard.

The students arrived yesterday looking incredibly smart in their uniform and they wear the blazers and tie with pride.  I enclose a copy of the printed school uniform to clarify that school shoes not canvas shoes are a requirement and black socks are also uniform policy.

At the start of the Academy year it is important to make sure that rules will be consistently applied.  Staff are now following a clear and fair set of guidelines so there is equality for all whilst respecting that all students have a right to learning that is uninterrupted.

I feel the vast majority of students have responded to the high expectations for conduct, uniform and learning with enthusiasm and I am sure that my promise to the students that things would get better and better everyday will be a reality.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any concerns.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Sara Davey

Executive Principal