LAMDA Success for Fowey River Academy by Beth Ellery, Year 11

LAMDA is the oldest drama school in the UK. Founded in 1861 as the London Academy of Music. Fowey River Academy has offered the accreditation for the last couple of years and the number of students taking the exams has increased year after year.

“At the end of last year, 21 students, after working incredibly hard, took their LAMDA exams. Waiting anxiously over the summer they returned to excellent results: 18 Merits and 3 Distinctions, 100% success!

At Fowey River Academy LAMDA offers students something different: meeting and interacting with an array of different yet like-minded people from different year groups being one – that is important to me.

Through the process of achieving our LAMDA qualifications, we have overcome obstacles and learned key skills that can be transferred into our other academic subjects: analysis, inference, symbolism and other similar things. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Miss Hall on behalf of the entire group for her dedication, support, patience and her overall drive for us to better ourselves.”

LAMDA has enabled the Bronze and Silver medallists to gain between 35 and 55 UCAS points, with the merits and distinctions obtained equating to an A’s, B’s and C’s at AS level. Miss Hall, Head of Drama said, “The results are a credit to the students and their efforts over the year, we are looking forward to having our first year of LAMDA Gold students entered in 2016.”  LAMDA club will be starting this term and students should see the enrichment timetable for further information or see Miss Hall in the Drama Studio.