Fundraising for an Academy Polytunnel

Students and staff of the Robin Read Learning Centre have worked tirelessly over the last few weeks to put together and host fundraising events such as a Christmas Craft Sale; gingerbread bake; raffle; the creation of a Fowey River Academy Recipe Book and a two week long Counter Strike fest.

A very successful coffee morning was hosted by the students for family and friends to attend the craft sale.

The fundraising is taking place because the students would like to buy their own polytunnel for the school. A polytunnel would not only enable the students to learn about horticulture and the complete cycle of food production and healthy eating, but it would also mean that they could supply the school cafeteria with their produce.

The students are hoping to work with local businesses in the New Year and come up with ideas for sponsorship.

The students have raised so far, over £350.00.