Fowey River Academy students are over the moon!

Students and staff of Fowey River Academy have been left feeling ‘over the moon’ after hearing news that they have successfully won the opportunity to speak to Major Tim Peake live.

 A group of Year 9 Astronomy students, led by teacher Laura Davies, signed up to take part in the UK Space Agency and European Space Agency funded ‘I’m an Astronaut, Get me Out of Here’ school competition.

I’m an Astronaut is a free online activity that gives school students across the UK a chance to meet the team behind a human space mission.

The competition consisted of four rounds (Training, Launch, Orbit and Touchdown) and a final. In each round five members of the Astro Support Team: scientists, engineers, technicians and researchers, met and interacted with the school students. Each school must nominate one category to enter.

In each of the rounds, The Astro Support Team nominated one winning school. Fowey River Academy was the nominated successful school from the Launch category. As a winning school, Fowey will take part in the final live chat with Tim Peake when he returns from the ISS towards the summer.

Laura Davies said, “I am absolutely thrilled that my students have been a part of this initiative. It was incredibly exciting just to take part in the first chat with the four different scientists, now to think that they will be chatting to Tim himself is fantastic. They have followed his mission from the beginning, studying how he trained, and watching him blast off live. I cannot wait to see what questions they come up with.”

Principal Martin Dale, said that is has been such a great aspirational experience for all students involved. “This activity has introduced our students to the wide range of careers within the space industry from researchers, technicians and engineers and it’s hoped that this experience will inspire them.”

Final details of when the live chat will take place are yet to be released, but in the meantime congratulations Fowey River Academy.