Severe weather procedures.

Dear Parent/Carer,

This week a cold snap brings the possibility of FRA closing due to severe weather and therefore I am informing you of the procedures for closing the academy. I am not expecting this to happen and very much hope that we do not need to do it, but please keep this letter in a safe place. A copy is also on the academy website:

In the event of bad weather which forces FRA to close, the following procedures will take place, depending on whether it is a before school closure or a closure during the day:

Closure before school

A decision will be made by 7am and immediately communicated by Parentmail. All students will be messaged through their school e-mail accounts and a message will also be placed on our website. In addition, information will then be broadcast on Radio Cornwall, Pirate FM and Heart FM. Consequently there should not be any students who reach the academy.

Closure during the day

We will try to avoid this as it causes many more complications. The decision to close will never be taken lightly and the safety and wellbeing of our students will be the priority in all of our decisions. If we close, a message will go out by Parentmail, the school website and local radio. If you are not registered with Parentmail, please could you contact Louisa McHardy on:

We work directly with the bus company, who will arrange for early collection from FRA. They will priortise Lerryn/ Lanlivery/ Lostwithiel first.

We will assume that most students who do not catch a bus can make their way home and gain access to a safe, warm place – usually the child’s home or that of a friend or relative. Please could you advise us on receipt of this letter if this is not the case.Any student who cannot return home will be looked after at the academy until parents or carers can collect them.

Please discuss with your child where they should go in an emergency.