FRA Closure Update 01/03/2018

Dear All

The forecasters are still having difficulty determining exactly what conditions will be like tomorrow.
As yesterday, Cornwall Council has emailed Headteachers stating advice from  Emergency Management colleagues.
They are saying that there remains the possibility of freezing rain on Friday which could result in dangerous driving conditions.
Nearly all schools in Cornwall are closed today (Thursday) and some have already notified that they intend to be closed tomorrow (Friday).
The County Council are recommending that school colleagues make decisions regarding closures tomorrow as early as possible as they expect there to be some level of disruption to the highways network.
As I have said numerous times this week, closing a school is not something any headteacher does lightly. I fully appreciate the impact it has on everyone.
I have to ensure that there are sufficient supervisory ratios of staff to students in order to meet safety requirements. Due to the fact that so many FRA staff have to travel to work from significant distances I have to pay attention to warnings about hazardous driving conditions.
I also want to ensure that no-one –  students, parents or staff -are making journeys where they are ‘at risk’.
Therefore, in order to give as much advance notice as possible –  which has been appreciated by most today –  I have decided that FRA will be closed tomorrow, Friday 2nd March.