Our Curriculum

Fowey River Academy believes in a growth mindset. Intelligence is not fixed but can and will be grown and nurtured. Our Adventure Learning ethos promotes exploration and discovery and alongside this is a commitment to the idea that everyone is capable of excellence and a first attempt at something is just that, a first attempt.

We believe that failure only occurs when you stop trying or there are insurmountable barriers. Our philosophy is to teach students to persevere to master academic knowledge and be resilient when they are faced with a challenge.

To achieve this we have a Mastery Curriculum. This involved students following a 5-year programme in each subject area that develops academic knowledge, skills and attitudes as well as the cross-curricular dimensions of literacy, numeracy and IT.

Each year is broken down into 4 semesters and each semester lasts for 9 weeks. Every unit starts with a memorable and engaging entry point and students are tested for their prior knowledge. The following 7 weeks of input are then planned so that all students are helped to access the material in order for most to ‘master’ the content. Between weeks 7 and 9 there is an intense period of targeted intervention ahead of the forthcoming assessment to close any gaps. During week 9 of each semester all students undertake a GCSE style question and aim to achieve a high percentage grade in the end of semester tests or exams. The results are then reported to parents. This holistic approach ensures consistency across subjects as well as rigour, recall, exam practice/technique and high aspiration.

Year 7

The Year 7 Curriculum consists of an entitlement to a core offer of three sessions of English, Maths and Science per week. Students also study two sessions a week of either French, German or Spanish as well as two sessions of PE and a carousel of History and Geography. Further to this, students participate in a Design and Technology carousel including Art, Graphics and IT and a Performance carousel including Dance, Drama and Music. Compass is also studied by all students for one session per week incorporating PSHRE and the PiXL LORIC framework of life skills and personal development.

Year 8

The Year 8 Curriculum comprises three sessions of English, Maths and Science per week with a two further sessions in a Modern Foreign Language. Students also participate in two sessions of Humanities and PE as well as one session of Compass as above. In Year 8 students also engage in two carousels; one being a Performance carousel and the other a Technology carousel.

Year 9

Currently in Year 9 our students make their first choice for future pathways. The curriculum comprises of GCSE or Technical subjects, three sessions of English, Maths and Science, two sessions of either History, Geography and PE plus one of Compass. In addition, there are options of Art, Music, Catering, PE, French, Spanish, History, Geography, Triple Science, Creative iMedia, Computer Science, Business Studies and Drama.

The Curriculum comprises either GCSE or Technical Awards. GCSE choices begin in Year 9. A number of GCSE subjects are compulsory including the following, English Language, English Literature, Maths, Science (Dual or Triple), History or Geography. Options include GCSEs in Art, Drama, Music PE, French, Spanish, Computer Science and Business Studies. Technical Awards include Catering, Creative iMedia, PE, Media Studies, IT and Finance.

Year 7Year 8
Exp. Arts22

Year 10

Our Year 10 2016 – 2017 Curriculum has English, Maths, Science, Compass and PE as core subjects. GCSE options include Art, Music, Triple Science, Computer Science, Geography, German, History, Media Studies and Technology Awards including Catering, Creative iMedia and PE.

Year 11

The Year 11 Curriculum in 2016-2017 is a continuation of their Year 10 studies. Students study three sessions of English, Maths and Science, two sessions of MFL, Humanities and PE and one Compass session along with two sessions per week of their two chosen option examination subjects.

GCSE/Technical Awards

Year 10Year 11
Computer Science22
Media Studies22
Triple Science22