Year 7 Catch Up Premium

After analysing the KS2 SAT results for all three literacy areas: Reading, Writing and SPAG, the English faculty have identified students in our current Year 7 cohort who will benefit from focused, specific literacy intervention which will help raise their attainment to the national average (or higher) this will then enable them to make steady progress at KS3 and KS4.

Below are the numbers of students we have identified as currently needing support to reach the national average (or higher) in literacy for their age:

Literacy AreaNumber of StudentsNumber of StaffStaff: Student Ratio






The English department have designed a range of workshops, each of these workshops will focus on a specific literacy skill and will be delivered by a specialist teacher in small groups so it is an intimate, personalised learning experience for each student: Our hope is to build literacy confidence as well as literacy expertise.

In addition to this, the English faculty have identified several literacy skills that our whole cohort of Year 7 did not meet the national level for and so these skills have been built into our Year 7 schemes of learning so that every Year 7 has a chance to revise and improve these key literacy skills. Over the Autumn and Winter term Year 7 schemes of learning will have Reading skills interwoven into lessons and in the Spring and Summer term Year 7 schemes of learning will have Writing and SPAG skills interwoven into lessons. Please refer to Firefly for details.

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